A best bet... A beautifully written new play about sexual frustration and loneliness... The play is well contained and focused and never fails to capture our interest or our emotional investment. But the real strength of this piece is in the dignity and intelligence with which Rosebrock endows her characters... Rosebrock plays Priscilla with gorgeous vulnerability and charming humor... The entire production displays sophistication and artistry. 

Theatre is Easy (Singles in Agriculture, NYC) 


In short, Singles in Agriculture is a triumph. Rosebrock and her collaborators achieve a sexy, startling, and ultimately uplifting piece of theater. 

NY Theatre Review (Singles in Agriculture, NYC) 



Maxamoo Podcast (Singles in Agriculture, NYC) 


The real deal. 

StageBuddy (Singles in Agriculture, NYC) 


Hilarious... Life is filled with ups and downs, of course, and Singles in Agriculture demonstrates it with a grace and conviction that's as admirable as it is rare. A.

Atlanta Journal Constitution (Singles in Agriculture, Georgia) 



The New York Times (Mac Wellman's The Offending Gesture)


Fantastic… Bright, hilarious, and filled with authentic drama and personality, Rosebrock gives us a unique tale of four South Carolinians as their romantic trials and tribulations lead them into adultery, blackmail, polygamy, and Olive Garden bathrooms… A brilliantly done modern study of marriage and the decline of monogomy that forces you to turn your own conventions inside out and reconsider the possibilities of love.

Black Book (Different Animals


Two hours of gut busting humor and poignant drama… Rosebrock understands humor, trading one-liners for spot-on situational comedy and rapid fire dialogue that keeps the audience laughing.

NY Theatre Review (Different Animals


Seeing so many low-budget productions in small, largely unheralded venues pays dividends when you come across a new talent in writing, design, or performance. Although it sometimes happens that a show boasts more than one talent, it’s not as common for multiple talents to reside in the same individual, especially when that person is both playwright and actor. A good example, and someone I’d be surprised isn’t heard of more often in the future, is Abby Rosebrock, a slim, toothy blonde from South Carolina.

Theatre's Leiter Side (Different Animals


A blond beanpole with a smile as wide as the Hoover Dam… With any luck Ms. Rosebrock will continue to write for all three [stage, TV and film].

The New York Times (Different Animals


Rosebrock does not seem content with just writing such a quirky, humorous play, because she also delivers the humor first-hand. She brings flawless comedic timing and an endless supply of energy to her fabulous performance of the off-kilter Molly… brings warmth, absurdity, humor and, every so often, the faintest touch of sorrow to the play.

Edge New York (Different Animals


A fresh new voice… Rosebrock’s writing has an actor’s sensibility. This allows her dialogue to flow seamlessly out of her characters’ mouths, and at no point seems unnatural… New York certainly deserves Abby Rosebrock’s voice.

NY Theatre Review (Different Animals


Special shout out to Abby Rosebrock and her astonishing comic timing. 

Maxamoo (Chiara Atik's WOMEN)


Best of all is Abby Rosebrock, who has found a touch of real truth in Meg, who learns that there is more than a little drudgery in the day-to-day life of a wife and mother.

Talkin' Broadway (Chiara Atik's WOMEN


Abby Rosebrock is delightful onstage; her comedic timing is exceptional.

StageBuddy (Chiara Atik's WOMEN)


Rosebrock offers an outrageously funny veneer over a vignette both bleak and hopeful.

StageBuddy (Out of Control


MY EX IS TRENDING [is] simultaneously entertaining and worth talking about… While the improv style is great, some of the best moments come from those clearly planned monologues… Playful and witty… The improv format puts all of the pressure on the talents of your performers, which is something creators Abby Rosebrock and Layla Khoshnoudi seem to have in spades.

Webseries Wednesday (My Ex Is Trending